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Maple Ridge Dental Centre is located in heart of Maple Ridge city. We offer innovative and cutting-edge treatments and technology. The main purpose of our dental practice is keeping our clients happy by offering prevention, maintenance, and treatment as pain-free and cost-saving as possible. We use only the latest and modern technology and materials. This allows us to offer world-class dental care privately at affordable prices. We proudly offer services with intraoral cameras, digital x-rays, and whitening. For more information, please see our treatments and technology pages.
Our goal is to provide the best level of patient care available in dentistry today. Equipped with the latest dental facilities and technology with our patients needs in mind, we set the standard of care in our industry. By setting these high standards, we benefit our patients by assuring their oral health and correcting any apparent flaws. We love to make our patients smile.
Our friendly welcoming staff are committed to providing the highest possible excellence in dental care. We want to make our patient’s dental experience as relaxed and comfortable as possible, providing the best qualitative professional dental care at affordable prices. We are well-connected in the community and can easily refer you to specialists should the need arise

Second opinion

Get a second opinion for free from Maple Ridge Dental Centre. Your comfort is our priority. Obtaining a second opinion will help to assure you are making the right choice. Dentist direct’s free second opinion can offer you peace of mind.

Free Consultation

Your beautiful smile begins with a thorough examination including X-ray, CBCT. Here we offer free consultation with precise assessment for New Patients. And we hope that you give us chances of helping you.

Senior Discount Program

We have a featured discount program for seniors. If you are seniors, retired from work, you will be very welcomed with our Senior Discount Program by which you can save 10% off the regular fee.

We Are Your Smile

We offer a full spectrum of treatments including bridges, crowns, veneers, bridge implants, dental whitening, white fillings, sealants and dentures both for cosmetic and functional purposes. We discuss the procedures and considerations in the common treatments offered in our dental practice.

Patient education

Frequently asked questions answered by our professionals.

Prevention & Hygiene

Suggestions to improve nutrition and moderation of sugary snacks may also be a vital component of your care.

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